[csidmr] Time to upgrade my CS700?

Just wondering if it is time to go ahead and upgrade my CS700 to the 750? Have issues with the 750 settled down other than the contact list that seems to keep coming up?
I have no complaints regarding my 700. It works well for what I do, but would like the later software  and wish to upgrade before any changes in the current upgrade policy.
Have you had yours upgraded?
Should I do it?
How many are holding out?

Ignore the naysayers - no need to wait on future enhancements on the CS750 if you don’t need those now.  If you need FPP then wait or get a Motorola and pay for the FPP board and FPP software on top of the radio cost.
Here’s what you get now and in the future:
1. 2000 channels (Available in near Future) 
2. 65,535 contacts (Available in near Future) 
3. Full Keypad Programming (Available in near Future) 
4. Support for Visually Impaired (Available in near Future) 
5. Advanced Macro Programming (Available in near Future) 
6. Nuisance Delete (Available Now)
7. Mike Gain (Available Now)
I’ve not seen any issues with my CS700 to CS750 upgrade.

I agree, but the CS700 is still a good radio. So until these new features become available in factory supplied 750's, there's really no need to upgrade. 

I agree. FPP would be handy in a pinch, but to be honest, who actually does any serious programing of any radio from the devices built in interface.

The expanded contact list will be nice to be able to have all of the current DMR users in it. The extra channels will be nice for those of us who travel, that way I can keep a single codeplug of all of the regions where I travel.

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