CS700 codeplug covers 600+ channels including the Dayton OH area for the HamVention

The CS700 codeplug covers 600+ channels including the Dayton OH area for the HamVention

The CS750 codeplug just covers the Dayton OH (HamVention) area.

K4USD Network
Supporting Amateur DMR Repeater Operators
(Revised 05/052015)

We have multiple c-Bridges offering connectivity to the core DMR-MARC, NATS, and DCI networks along with connectivity to other content (TG) providers.
Each DMR Repeater is assigned a c-Bridge Manager, your repeater can be configured as either a MASTER or PEER; most select configuring their repeater as a PEER so they do not need a static IP address.
We offer a standard configuration as listed below, but can customize within some limitations for your individual repeater needs. If there is a talk group you want that we do not have, we will try and obtain it for you.

Talk Group              TG          TS          F/PTT       Source
World Wide Calling      1           1           PTT**       DMR-MARC
North America Calling   3           1           F           DMR-MARC
WW English Calling      13          1           PTT         DMR-MARC
WW German Calling       10          1           PTT         DMR-MARC
WW Nordic Calling       17          1           PTT         DMR-MARC
Local2                  2           2           F           Local Network
Local9                  9           2           F           Local Repeater
SE Regional             3174        2           F/PTT*      DMR-MARC
MW Regional             3169        2           F/PTT*      DMR-MARC
NE Regional             3172        2           F/PTT*      DMR-MARC
FL State                3112        2           F           DMR-MARC-IPSC2
(FL Repeaters only)
GA State                3113        2           F/PTT*      Georgia DMR
OH State                3139        2           F/PTT*      NATS (DMR-NA)
MA State                3125        2           F/PTT*      NATS (DMR-NA)
MN State                3127        2           F/PTT*      K4USD
TN State                3147        2           F/PTT*      NATS (DMR-NA)
VA State                3151        2           F/PTT*      K4USD
TAC1                    8951        2           PTT         NATS (DMR-NA)
TAC310                  310         2           PTT**       NATS (DMR-NA)
TAC311                  311         2           PTT         NATS (DMR-NA)
COMM1                   3777215     1           PTT         NATS (DMR-NA)
COMM2                   3777216     2           PTT         NATS (DMR-NA)
Bridge                  3100        2           PTT         NATS (DMR-NA)
USA                     1776        2           PTT         MIT
UA English 1            113         2           PTT         DMR-MARC
UA English 2            123         2           PTT         DMR-MARC
UA All_Lang 1           119         2           PTT         DMR-MARC
UA All Lang 2           129         2           PTT         DMR-MARC
Fusion Link             3182        2           PTT         DCI
AllStar Link            3167        2           PTT         DMR-IL
Parrot                  9998        2           PTT         NATS (DMR-NA)
Audio Test              9999        2           PTT         DMR-MARC (CALDMR)

F/PTT* indicates the TG is full-time for in-state and in-region repeaters, PTT for everyone else.
PTT** indicates that TG is turned on full-time for scheduled Nets.
               World Wide (TG1) – Saturdays 1600 UTC (Saturdays 12:00pm EDT)
               TAC310 (TG310) – Mondays 0000 UTC (Sundays 8:00pm EDT)
Amateur Radio Guide to Digital Mobile Radio (DMR): http://guide.k4usd.org

CS-700 Codeplug, including GA, SC, NC, AL, MS, TN, KY, VA, WV, OH, and parts of  FL.
If you find a mistake, please let me know.
http://www.k4usd.org/CS700_K4USD.rdt     (updated 05/04/2015)
CS-750 Codeplug for Dayton HamVention
http://www.k4usd.org/CS750_K4USD.rdb    (updated 05/04/2015)

K4USD                  Portable RPT (Stockbridge GA)
W8RED                Loganville GA
KI4KPX                  Stockbridge GA
KC4VLJ                 Valdosta GA (VHF)
W1KFR                 Kingsland GA
WB8CRS              Greenhills OH
W8BLV                 Middletown OH
KD8UYG               Centerville OH
WB8SCT               Centerville OH (VHF)
WB8FXJ                Portable RPT (Cincinnati OH)
WB6EFW             Ashburn VA
N0YNT                 St Paul MN
N2XDA                 Jacksonville FL
KM4CTB               Jacksonville Beach FL
KF4I                      Palm Coast FL

For Further Information contact W2XAB (at) ARRL.NET

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