Joining the DMR-MARC Canada Network


DMR-MARC Canada operates a Canada-wide ham radio network based upon the DMR standard. This network uses Motorola MOTOTRBO DMR repeaters and is available for all licensed Canadian ham radio operators to use.


The benefits of connecting to the DMR-MARC Canada network include:
  • Access to a reliable, Canadian owned and operated DMR network;
  • Access to the Canada-wide and all provincial talk groups, plus dial-on-demand access to other networks;
  • Access to our knowledgeable team, which can help with technical advice or even support in promoting DMR adoption in your local area.
By joining the DMR-MARC Canada network, your repeater will have access to all of the following talkgroups.

11WorldwideOn-demand5 min.
113Worldwide EnglishPermanentN/A
13North AmericaPermanentN/A
1310TAC 310On-demand5 min.
13100DCI NetworkOn-demand5 min.
13125MIT NetworkOn-demand5 min.
111Global FrenchPermanentN/A
19999Audio TestOn-demand5 min.
23020 - NF & PE
3021 - NS
3022 - QC
3023 - ON
3024 - MB
3025 - SK
3026 - AB
3027 - BC
3028 - NT, YK & NU
3029 - NB
Provincial/TerritorialPermanent in province &
on-demand outside of province
5 min.
22Local areaPermanentN/A


The operation and maintenance of the DMR-MARC Canada network is made possible by the generous donation of time and financial resources from its members, sponsors and volunteers. If anyone would like to make a donation toward the improvement and operating of the DMR-MARC Canada network, please feel free to make a donation, as your support is greatly appreciated.

Joining the DMR-MARC Canada Network

In order to have your DMR connected to the DMR-MARC Canada network, you will need the following:
  • A valid Canadian ham radio license with an Advanced qualification;
  • A Motorola MOTOTRBO repeater – either an XPR8300, XPR8400 or an MTR3000;
  • A non-interfering or coordinated repeater frequency;
  • An identified repeater site;
  • A low latency Internet connection of at least 500 kb/s upload and download.
Once you have all of the requirements listed above, please apply using the form below. Once we receive your application, one of our team members will contact you, usually within 24 hours.

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