Connect Systems CS700 bricked

Connect Systems CS700 bricked

Just tried to update my firmware to 2.19 and now have a brick that the computer no longer sees. Power on radio does nothing. Reinstalled USB drivers, still nothing. Any trick to save it ?

When you power it up,  hold the Top red/orange button and pushing the PTT?


  1. Anonymous1/13/2016

    same thing just happened to my cs750, upgraded the firmware and now all it does when i turn it on is the led blinks red orange and green over and over. i tried doing the top and ptt button trick while powering up the radio but nothing works. anyone please help.

  2. Anonymous1/13/2016

    Contact them ::
    Chris Edwards
    Connect Systems Inc.
    email :
    PH: (818) 889-0503

  3. I did the same think, read the instructions in the .zip file, you need to query the radio with the CPS, create a file and send that via email to CS systems and the next day that email you back a license code. You can also install older Firmware and get your radio back online in the meantime.


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