Programming Software for the Connect System CS700

This video is a quick preview of the new beta Programming Software for the Connect System CS700. Topics covered are:

- Things that haven't changed.
- Things that have changed that matter to Amateur Radio
- Contextual Help

A note from Jerry about the new firmware:

1. The existing CS700 radios will support the new firmware.
2. The existing CS700 radios can be upgraded to the new firmware
3. There are very few features in the new firmware that are interesting to most users however that does not imply that we are not going to add new features in the later releases

There are two issues that have solutions when upgrading.
1. Putting the new firmware in existing radios
2. Updating the tuning parameters to match the new firmware. Tuning parameters means things such as modulation levels.

Download the beta software here:

Connect Systems Yahoo Group:

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