CS700 UHF Radio Review

On Wed, Apr 29, 2015 at 7:09 PM, marlins@.com [csidmr]  wrote:

I can not imagine why anyone on a discussion forum would bash this great little Motorola clone. This is a great little radio and for the price it can NOT be beat. I carry Moto radios every single day and have a LOT of experience with them.

You really can't expect more from this under two hundred dollar portable. and i wanted to say this is NOT a ham radio so why must everyone act like it is ?  a battery pack for double A/s  Huh ? come on. this is a commercial radio working in our 70cm band and it does equal to or as best as any of the low tier Moto stuff easy  I don't want or need the "ham radio" bells and whistles.  I need a sturdy dependable well built portable and I got one from Erin and Jerry. then i bought another one and another and I think were up to about ten now.

I have heard ZERO complaints about the radio only about windoz 8 not being friendly which suits me fine.  Get off your high horse and realize what you have is a good thing. after reading some of this crapolla if I were Jerry I would pull the Ham products or charge double to shut some of you up.

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  1. Anonymous5/02/2015

    Great comments and true. Thanks for telling these CB thinking fools its a budget radio. So be happy.

  2. Anonymous6/09/2015

    thanks for sharing this information


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