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Based on the feedback I have seen on this Yahoo group, there are many of you who cannot read or comprehend. While I won’t embarrass those members because they seem to be working for our competitors, I do not care if some others point out those people.
First let me dispel some items that are not true.
  1. Some people are complaining about needing a JTAG for programming the radio. There is no JTAG in the radio so how someone made that leap is beyond me. 
  2. Some people think it is going to take a rocket scientist to update the radio. It is not going to be difficult for the average competent HAM to update. You will have to short two points inside the radio while you are turning on the radio and then load some programs through the USB connector
  3. Some people are saying that the new low cost radios are going to have all the features that is missing from the CS700  and be bug free. That is surprising because they are all based on the current firmware that we are abandoning.
  4. Some people are saying that the CS700 is at the end of the life. That is not true because we are still planning on adding some features to the CS700 you have now. 
  5. The CS700, as well as all the other DMR radios work on both ETSI standard Tier 1 and Tier 2. We do not work on  ETSI standard Tier 3 and neither does any of the sub $400 radios.
    Now for some more information:
    We are going to have three versions of DMR Portable radios:
  1. The CS700. That is radio you have now and it will cost $199 like before. That will be available to the HAM community on special order but available to the commercial dealers for a while longer.
  2. The CS700A. This radio will be available in less than three weeks and will cost $199. That radio will be a CS700 with advanced features not available in the CS700 such a keypad programming, mike gain adjustment, MDC1200, two tone, and five tone, and other things. This will be continually supported. It will still say CS700 on the outside.
  3. The CS750. This radio will be available in about three weeks and will cost $239. This radio will have different hardware making it incompatible with the current CS700. It will eventually have additional features not supported in the CS700A such as 2000 channels and at least 10,000 contacts. Those more advanced features will not be available immediately but you will be able to update it yourself with a simple firmware update if you have a CS750. We will take orders now for this radio but we will not take your money or charge your card until it is ready to ship.

    We will upgrade your radio from the CS700 to CS700A for $20 + $5 shipping. We will explain at some later time the procedure for sending in your radio. You can upgrade your radio yourself.

    We will upgrade your radio from the CS700 or CS700A to the CS750 for $50 plus $5 shipping. Because of the likelihood of damaging the radio if you try it yourself, we will not provide instruction on how to do it. 

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