CS-700 Codeplug Change Log 2015

TORONTO CANADA - CS-700 Codeplug Change Log 2015
Note the contributors in the file name:::   VA3MCX, VA3AGV,
  • CS700-cs700dmr-04-26-2015.va3poq:  CS700-Ontario-UHF-26-April-2015.zip
  • CS700-cs700dmr-04-24-2015.va3poq:  Added Fonthill
  • CS700-cs700dmr-04-24-2015.va3poq:  all Ontario Contact list (290-todate)
  • CS700-cs700dmr-04-24-2015.va3mcx:  Scan list modification Rev.2.01
  • CS700-cs700dmr-04-23-2015.va3mcx:  Scan list modification Rev.1
  • CS700-cs700dmr-04-22-2015.va3agv:  Add roam (issues) not supported
  • CS700-cs700dmr-04-16-2015.va3wzw: Digital RX Group Call - DMR Local @ 1st
  • CS700-cs700dmr-04-16-2015.va3wzw: Digital RX Group Call - DMR WW @ 2nd
  • CS700-cs700dmr-04-16-2015.va3wzw: Digital Contact - DMR Local @ First
  • CS700-cs700dmr-04-16-2015.va3wzw: All descriptions are ALPHA (no Group# Desc.)
  • CS700-cs700dmr-04-16-2015.va3agv:  Added/Updated Digital RX Group Call list 
  • CS700-cs700dmr-04-15-2015.va3agv:  Added UHF Analog FM repeaters list
  • CS700-cs700dmr-04-15-2015.va3agv:  ARES Analog Frequencies update
  • CS700-cs700dmr-04-15-2015.va3agv:  Toronto Analog ARES Frequencies (ares net)
  • CS700-cs700dmr-04-15-2015.va3poq: Added Cornwall
  • CS700-cs700dmr-04-15-2015.va3poq: Fonthill is in testing but not supported
  • CS700-cs700dmr-04-14-2015.va3wzw: reFormat like California codeplug
  • CS700-cs700dmr-04-10-2015.va3agv: Added Analog UHF FM repeaters list
  • CS700-cs700dmr-04-10-2015.va3agv: add ALL CALL Simplex DMR
  • CS700-cs700dmr-04-07-2015.va3agv: Toronto ARES Frequencies (ares net)
  • CS700-cs700dmr-04-05-2015.va3agv: Add roam zone; Update contacts
  • CS700-cs700dmr-04-05-2015.va3agv: port contacts :: Ontario 286 contacts
  • CS700-cs700dmr-04-05-2015.va3agv: Added Zone Analog FM repeaters
  • CS700-cs700dmr-04-04-2015.va3agv: port contacts :: Toronto area 150 contacts
  • CS700-cs700dmr-04-04-2015.va3agv: new Zones customization like USA codeplug
  • CS700-cs700dmr-04-04-2015.va3agv: ARES Analog Frequencies 
  • CS700-cs700dmr-04-04-2015.va3agv: TORONTO CANADA CS-700 Codeplug  
  • CS700-cs700dmr-04-02-2015.va3agv: Update contacts
  • CS700-cs700dmr-03-02-2015.va3poq: shared codeplug
  • CS700-cs700dmr-03-01-2015.va3poq: created Toronto codeplug

CS-700 Codeplug download:CS700-cs700dmr-04-24-2015.rdt   (victor VA3POQ codeplug)
CS700-Ontario-UHF-26-April-2015.zip  - VA3XPR | Don T.
Basic PRN Code Plug for CS700
CS700 Codeplug PH0DV 31-3-2015 CS700 Codeplug PH0DV 31-3-2015
  1. Empty Zones and Channels for personal customization.
  2. Remember to enter your radio ID under General Settings. To save a copy with your radio serial number, read your radio after uploading.

CS700 programming software download link
please check back for updates.

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