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Greetings to the DMR Groups.

I'll begin with a thank you for all of your reports and comments regarding your experiences with the CS750 and CS800. I will also apologize for not posting more often, but things are very busy at CSI right now.

Good news first then - as some of you have already noticed, we posted the Data Extraction tool for the CS700 .rdt files, written for us by Tom Wheeler who also created the Contact Manager software. This tool will extract your Contacts and Channels information from the .rdt file and export them into an Excel spreadsheet. Yes, unfortunately Excel is still required at this time. From there, they can be imported into the CPS. Due to the nature of interdependencies in the CPS, we cannot export or import               Zone, Scan, or Receive Group
information. We are aware that this still leaves quite a bit of additional programming, but the heavy lifting of large contacts lists and extensive channel information is handled by the new tool. One more important note - import your Contacts FIRST and then your Channels, otherwise the TX groups will not populate correctly.

On to the bugs. Please continue to post any issues that you find with our radios, even if it is listed below. I read every post placed here even though I cannot respond to most of them. We are chasing down some elusive causes for these problems and you never know who might post that one small bit of information regarding a setup or experience that provides a critical clue. This is by no means a complete list, but these are the priority items now for both the CS750 and the CS800.

  • Intermittent TX / RX issues on both time slots
  • 'Motorboating' noise during TX (CS800)
  • Power level changes via menu not operational (CS800)
  • DTMF feature not operational
  • Menu access not available during Digital RX
  • RSSI intermittent or not representative of actual signal

That is the short 'Hot List', although there are other reported bugs being worked on and some of the simpler items may get corrected before some of the more challenging ones. I am testing radios daily and trying to provide enough feedback to CoValue to assist in their diagnosis and tracing of problems. We are hoping for completed solutions soon, but I do not have any estimates of when that will be at this time.

Thank you for your patience and faith in our products. We will get these fixed, and once they are stable we will devote similar energy into the updates that will provide more Amateur related features for these radios.

Chris Edwards
Connect Systems Inc.

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