[csidmr] .rdt file memory map

[csidmr] .rdt file memory map

I have been writing the Zone Manager program and as a consequence had to re-created the memory map notes. I have now uploaded them to the files area. 

This is far from a complete document. Only parts of the memory map have been decoded. But it should prove a starting point for anyone wanting to investigate further. 

The format is valid for the original CS700 firmware and the MD380 firmware. It almost certainly is not correct for the CS700A or CS750. 

I am not able to answer questions on this document. If you don't understand it then you probably shouldn't be playing about with .rdt files. There is a risk of bricking your radio if you do. 

73 Colin G4EML

Posted by: colin@durbrid

[csidmr] .rdt file memory map
The file sits in the yahoo.com user group [csidmr]
cs800 .rdt file memory map, cs700 .rdt file memory map, cs750 .rdt file memory map

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