CS700 Analog audio drop outs

CS750 Analog audio drop outs

I have a CS750 that was upgraded from a CS700.  Ever since it has been a CS750 now using the latest firmware there are random audio dropouts when monitoring an analog channel.  It sounds like there is a scan priority enabled but I have none of those items enabled and it will happen when parked on a channel with scan turned off.  It is random in timing also, it will receive well for a minute or two sometimes with no drop outs then it will start with the drop outs every 5-10 seconds.  Anyone else experiencing symptoms like this?

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  1. Anonymous3/31/2016

    I had the same problem with a CS700, after upgrading to CPS V 1.19. Set Priority Channel 1 & 2 to "selected" (I believe, it's blank in your CP). This solved the problem.


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